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Welcome to Monkey Church Home Page! Sorry about the dumb ads. Please scroll down this page to view. Note that you can click on images and pictures for links to other interesting websites, in addition to the links available at the links page.

Monkey Church

Hi! It's May 2005 and I am just starting a long overdue update of Monkey Church. Please email me if you want me to put stuff of yours on this site, also please sign the guest book and upload pictures. Thanks, Rar Jungle

Fourth of July-poem

Cooking with Lava--picture and link

Inspiring Story--story

Jonathan Goldstein--animation art

Tim Widerquist--Nature Poem


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Self-Service Images
Add your own images, photos or artwork, self-service style! View other Monkey Church viewers submissions! When submitting images please feel free to leave a fake e-mail if you don't wanna give your real one, also it may take a day or two before your images show up. This is due to the stupid way Bravenet set up there service.
Warning: Monkey Church accepts anything here, so we can make no claims about the quality or content of this page.

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