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Welcome to Monkeychurch! Check out my new website: rarjungle.com for new and higher quality video files, and no ads or pop-ups. Email me if you want a copy of my DVD, which contains 17 of my videos. The videos average about 5 minutes in length and are pretty unusual and hard to describe. Thanks, Rar Jungle (rarjungle@hotmail.com)


Amazing New Videos!

Rar Jungle--Ound [3 minutes-9 MB]

Franklin--Folklife Street Performer--Cookies [3 minutes-9 MB]

Franklin----Dinosaurs Are Not Scary [3 minutes-9 MB]

New Music from Rar Jungle!

Rar Jungle--Lickle and Raffle [5 minutes-7 MB]

Rar Jungle--Scarborough Fair [3 minutes-4 MB]

Images, Writing, Links, etc.

Rar Jungle Music & Jewelry, etc.--Various links

Rar Jungle--heart warming story of a boy born with a tail

Steve Martin--picture from the best movie ever, "The Jerk"

Cooking with Lava--picture and link


Tiny and Weird Rar Jungle Videos

5 second vid: "Harry Belefonte"     5 second vid: "Uncommonly Rich"      5 sec vid: "Hall and Oates"
5 sec vid: "Keiffer Sutherland" 16 sec vid: "Geela Geela Geela"     10 sec vid: "Soul Music"
12 sec vid: "Soul Music 1"

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